BOFA AD Access Fume Extraction System

BOFA AD Access Fume Extraction System      BOFA AD Access Filters

A compact and competitively priced fume extraction system for light duty laser marking, coding and engraving applications.

The introduction of low cost laser systems has led to the development of an entry level fum extraction solution in order to maintain safe operator working conditions and product quality.

The AD Access combines economic ownership with performance to match the small laser user. A three stage filter condition indicator is included as a standard feature, together with three stage filtration; DeepPleat pre filter, HEPA and chemical section.

Technical specification
- Filter condition indicator
- DeepPleat pre filter
- Advanced carbon filter technology (ACF)
- Long life, low cost replacement filters
- Low noise levels
- Small footprint

- VOC gas sensor (Volatile Organic Compound)
- Remote stop / start interface
Filter change / System fail signal


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