Dr. Storage QDB-1200-6 N2 Nitrogen Cabinet / Dry Air Cabinet


Dr. Storage Nitrogen Cabinet

This N2 saving cabinet is designed to control the filling of dry air into the cabinet, so the desired relative humidity in the cabinet can be reached. Use Dr. Storage smart nitrogen cabinet, over 30~60% of N2 can be saved.

High Precision LED Display Control Panel

◎Simultaneously display temperature & humidity values
◎RS-232 port for data collection
◎Display Precision:±2%RH;±1℃ (at <10%RH, 25℃ )
◎Built-in flash & buzzer alarm

Colorful Storage Bins (Optional)

◎Inside bin: store and retrieve important items quickly to shorten the  door opening time. 
◎Outside bin: put in ISO documents such as work sheet or quality  instructions for better QA management.
◎Maximum loading of bin: 5Kgs

Excellent Airtight Cabinet Body

◎Reinforced glass window
◎Antistatic 3” wheels
◎Antistatic colorful window frame
◎Adjustable levelers
◎Unique steel structure design for excellent air tightness

Reliable Dehumidifier made of PPS material

◎PPS material: 230°C heat tolerance to avoid any deforming or melting of dehumidifiers
◎Modular design for easy maintenance & painless upgrade
◎Silent , drip less, frostless operation

Adjustable Shelves

◎Shelves can be flexibly installed in any position.

Download Dr. Storage QDB Nitrogen Cabinet Brochure

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