The Importance of Pulse Control in Laser Marking

We feel you should have the finest technology available for all of your laser marking needs, and that is why we offer the most cutting-edge fiber laser marking systems in the world.

Our MOPA, Master Oscillator Power Amplifier, laser technology applies increased power and advanced control for even the most intricate of markings. While it is important to us that you have the latest and greatest services, it is also imperative that the work your laser system performs is always conducted efficiently and concisely.

With the benefit of pulse control in our laser marking systems, we can ensure that your parts will always be marked with definition and clarity, making for a superior finished product for your customers.

What is Pulse Control?

By definite waveforms and a varied frequency range, we have the ability to control the pulse duration of our laser systems and offer power at high frequencies. While this may sound intimidating, the setting is controlled within the software and is adjustable for a specific material and mark type. 

Selectable pulse intervals make for the simple processing of a variety of materials and substrates which can utilize laser marking. Our MOPA technology offers clear solutions for marking on difficult materials including:

In addition, the 70-watt MOPA fiber laser can provide pulse duration control for firearms and color change marking on plastics.

The Benefits of Pulse Control

Our Master Oscillator Power Amplifier is the reason that our laser systems are able to perform at such a superior level. Letís take a look at some examples of how pulse duration can be put to use by clients:

Additionally, in laser marking, the pulse duration changes based on the depth of the marking being employed. This contributes to optimizing the results of the process. Some key points to remember:

The Advantages of Our Lasers

Our laser marking process is flexible and offers specific methods of permanent marking on the surface or device that your business requires. And our methods are not only efficient and safe, but environmentally friendly.

Written by TYKMA Electrox

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