HGLaser Online CO2 Laser Marking Machine (Marking On The Fly)

HGLaser Online CO2 Laser Marking Machine (Marking On The Fly)

Product Description

The online laser marking machine includes online fiber laser marking machine, online UV laser marking machine and online CO2 laser marking machine.

The series machines can mark permanent makers, work in adverse conditions and meet the demands of all kinds of packing materials. Online laser marking system series integrate advanced galvanometer laser marking technology with imported RF excited sealed CO2 laser. Combining laser technology with production line, it can mark on rapid moving products. This marking machine is mainly used in marking Chinese characters, English characters, figures, batch numbers, production dates, LOGO, real time clock information and anti-counterfeiting, especially the pharmaceutical industries GMP and food industries HACCP.

● Flexible structure, fast speed, high security;
● High efficiency, high electro-optic conversion efficiency;
● Long life, easy operation, low running cost, operated in 24 hours.

Itís suitable for all kinds of nonmetals and some metals, such as paper, PVC, rubber, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, PET, HDPE, leather, etc. And it is widely used in packing boxes, packaging bags, films, food cans, glass bottles, drink bottles, HDPE bottles, cables, pipes and electronic components industries.

Technical Parameters
Model Flying30C Flying55C Flying70C
Wave Length(um) 9.3/10.2/10.6 9.3/10.2/10.6 10.6
Output Power(W) ≥30 ≥55 ≥70
Marking Speed ≥7m/s
Marking Area 110mm
Marking Focus 150mm
Marking Font Scribing, dot matrix
Marking Mode Static and dynamic
Online Speed ≤120m/min
Marking Material Label, paper, PET, HDPE, glass, wood, etc
Temperature 5-35℃
Humidity Relative humidity<95%, frost-free
Structure Material High-quality aluminium alloy; stainless steel
Edit Mode Computer software
Communication Interface USB Interface;RS232 Interface
Power Supply AV220V/50,60HZ
Rated Power 800W 1200W 1200W

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