Online UV Laser Marking Machine (Marking On The Fly)

Online UV Laser Marking Machine SAMPLE DISPLAY

Adopted with superior green and UV laser, the material is more easily absorbed and the thermal diffusion of material can be reduced. The method of breaking molecular bonds could make pure black, no-touch and more clearly printing effect marking.

The equipment is mainly used to mark Chinese characters, English, numbers, batch numbers, production dates, period of validity, LOGO, real time clock information and digital anti-counterfeiting, which meets the demand of pharmaceutical industry GMP and food industry HACCP.

● Flexible structure, the professional stand can be installed on the assembly line, easy adjustment;
● Professional industrial laser source, faster marking speed and consistent marking, high reliability, operated continuously in 24 hours, meet the demands of mass processing and production;
● High electro-optic conversion efficiency, low consumption, long life, save a lot of processing costs for customers;
● Friendly man-machine dialogue interface, easy operation, without bothering for the operators altering. 

It is widely used in electronic components, integrated circuits, hardware, automobile parts, plastics, precision equipments and many other fields.

Model Flying7GFlying11GFlying3URemarks
Laser wavelength(nm) 532 532 355 UV 5W optional
Output power ≥7 ≥11 ≥3 Laser source 15W optional
Galvanometer marking speed ≥7m/s Max 9m/s
Marking area 110mm 140mm optional
Marking focus 180mm  
Marking font Scribing, lattice  
Marking mode Static and dynamic  
Online speed ≤120m/min Depending on the contents
Marking material Film, PE, PET, HDPE, etc  
Temperature 5-35℃  
Humidity Relative humidity<95%, frost-free  
Structure material High-quality aluminium alloy and stainless steel  
Editing Mode Computer software  
Communication Interface USB Interface;RS232 Interface  
Power supply AV220V/50HZ  
Rated Power 1500W 1600W 1500W  
Optional accessories photoelectric sensor, color mark sensor, laser sensor, adjustable stand, synchronized encoder Standard optical fiber sensor

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